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 Select a Training That's Right for You

Levels of Learning are a new guideline to help you determine which trainings to take to get the most out of your professional development. Trainings are classified as Introductory Level, Intermediate Level, or Advanced Level. Levels of Learning reflect the content of each training—not an individual’s overall experience in the field. An individual could take a different level of training for each topic. When you are deciding which trainings to take, refer to the Level of Learning to see if it’s a good fit for you. Levels of Learning will put you on the right track and help you do your level best.


5 Questions to Help Determine the Appropriate Level of Learning:

1. Are you new to the topic?

If yes, start with an Introductory Level training.

2. Has it been a while since you were exposed to the topic? Do you need a refresher?

If yes, sign up for an Introductory Level training.

3. Do you have a basic understanding of the topic and want to learn more?

 If yes, look into an Intermediate Level training.

4. Do you have a working knowledge and some experience with the topic?

 If yes, try an Intermediate Level training.

5. Do you have in-depth knowledge and experience in the application of the topic?

If yes, consider an Advanced Level training.



Introductory Level Intermediate Level Advanced Level
basic content, understanding, and demonstration of developing skills expanding knowledge, application, and refining skills deep knowledge and mastery of skills and ability to apply across multiple contexts



Home Visitors

We are excited to welcome home visiting staff to the Gateways Registry! Home visitors play an important role in the field of early childhood and we have enhanced the Gateways Registry to meet your needs. If you have previously joined the Gateways Registry, you can update your employment record and use one of our two new position codes that are specific to your work – “23-Home Visitor” and “24-Home Visitor Supervisor." For information on how to update your employment, see this tip sheet.


If you are not already a Member of the Gateways Registry you can join by completing a paper application or by applying online. To complete the application online, you first need to get an online user account. Once you sign up for the account, you will receive an email with a link to activate the account. Then, you can continue by logging into the Registry Dashboard and completing the online application. Here are some tips for things we suggest you have ready when you start the application.


If you need help getting an online user account or completing the application online, please contact our Help Desk at (866) 697-8278 (option 2) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Conference Requests for Proposals

Illinois Afterschool Network
Annual Afterschool Spring Conference Celebration
April 7, 2018
Bank of Springfield Center 1 Convention Center Plaza
Springfield, IL

Presentation Proposal - Due January 12, 2018

2018 IHSA Annual Training Conference and
Parent Leadership Conference
February 21 - 23, 2018
Embassy Suites by Hilton East Peoria Riverfront
Peoria, IL

Presentation Proposal - Due October 31, 2017

Collaboration for Early Childhood
Strong Start, Bright Future

February 24, 2018
Percy Julian Middle School
Oak Park, IL

Presentation Proposal - Due September 24, 2017

McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership
Leadership Connections

May 10-12, 2018
Westin Chicago North Shore
Wheeling, IL

Presentation Proposal - Due September 18, 2017



Authorized Entities

Professional Development Agencies

The Authorized Entity (AE) application process was created to provide organizations with an efficient, effective outlet for submitting and scheduling their trainings. Entities that deliver professional development training relevant to those serving children and families may apply to become a “Gateways Registry Authorized Entity”. This designation provides an option for the trainings offered by the entity to be submitted as Registry-approved trainings. The process validates that the entity’s trainer and training selection process meets the criteria established by the Registry.

If your organization offers professional development, has policies and procedures in place for selecting trainers and trainings, and your trainings have learning objectives and methods to assess those objectives, please contact the Learning & Development Department for an Authorized Entity Application.

Registry Members

As a Registry member, it is important to recognize that trainings offered by Authorized Entities are Registry-approved and will therefore show up on your Professional Development Record in Section 3. It is possible that not every training offered by an Authorized Entity will be Registry-approved. The trainings that are approved will have an attendance sheet for Registry members to sign. For ease, you may add your Registry Member ID # if you have it available.


Authorized Entities List

Authorized Entity Presentation

Authorized Entity FAQ


Registry Verified Conferences

A  Gateways to Opportunity Registry Verified Conference is one that has undergone a review of the conference workshop selection process to ensure quality standards are met and attendance has been verified by the Registry. Conference attendees will receive credit on Section 4 of their Professional Development Record for each session they attend at the conference.  Some of the conference sessions may also be Registry-Approved, which means that the presenters have gone through an additional content review process.  This process is initiated by the session presenter.

To learn about the Registry Verified Conference process, please watch this video tutorial.

Please contact the Training Administration Coordinator after viewing the presentation to request a Registry Verified Conference Scheduling Form.


If you are interested in presenting a session at an Illinois conference, click here to find current Conference Requests for Proposals.


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