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Name: ECE Credential Level 1 - Module 4: Learning Happens in Relationships
Trainers:Tina Carpenter
Description:Our kids are constantly responding to family members, teachers, and social relationships that help to shape their understanding of the world around them. This class explores how relationships between families, children, and teachers can help learning, and how crafting the environment around them can help children learn.
Event Date(s):June 22, 2017
Event Time:05:30 PM - 08:30 PM
Location:Boys and Girls Club of CarbondaleGoogle maps
250 N Spring St.
Carbondale, Illinois

Event Details

Gateways Content Areas:Curriculum or Program Design
Interactions, Relationships & Environments
CDA Content Areas:CDA 1: Health & Safety
CDA 3: Social/Emotional
Registry Verified:No
Registry Approved:Yes
Gateways Credential Approved:ECE Level 1

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Registration Contact:Nina Wargel - (618) 985-5980
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