Resource Title Description Form
Levels of Learning Rubric Checklist used to determine the Level of your training accurately. Based on the majority of checked boxes in a given column helps you assign the correct Level of Learning for your training.
Gateways to Opportunity Content Areas Handout This handout provides in-depth descriptions of each of the Gateways to Opportunity Content Areas. Content Area assignments are required for each training submitted.
Gateways to Opportunity Registry Levels of Learning Grid explaining the 3 Levels of Learning and information on the presenter’s focus, training content, assessment of knowledge and skills, evaluation and reflection, and recommended participant experience at each Level of Learning.
Gateways to Opportunity Training Approval Scoring Sheet This sheet shows the training application criteria and how each section is scored. Use this sheet to check the training application for thoroughness.
Content Outline Template Handout A content outline must be submitted with each Gateways Registry Training Approval Application. This handout is a template to ensure required information is included.
Objective Development Tool Chart containing new action verbs for Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy to help you write appropriate learning objectives, select appropriate instructional strategies and give you suggestions for suitable discussion questions for each Level of Learning.
Child Development Associate (CDA) Areas Handout This handout provides in-depth description of each of the Child Development Associate (CDA) Content Areas. CDA Content Area assignments are required for each training submitted.
Learning Objectives Examples for Levels of Learning Examples of how a single objective and its assessment varies according to Level of Learning. The table demonstrates how levels of knowledge and application increase with each level.
Gateways Guest Trainer/Training Application A Guest Trainer is considered to be a trainer brought in for special trainings and events, such as keynotes or panel presentations at conferences, special professional development events, etc. A person offering regularly scheduled trainings within Illinois would not be considered a Guest Trainer. If you have questions about Guest Trainer/Training status, please contact the Learning and Development Department.
Gateways Credential Trainings Choosing to have your training meet Gateways to Opportunity credential requirements may assist practitioners who attend your training in earning a Gateways credentials. This resource outlines the criteria for having your training count towards a Gateways Credential.