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Name: ECE Credential Level 1 - Module 8d: Preschool Cognitive Development
Trainers:Stacey Kerwin
Description:In this final session on preschool development, you will dive deeper into how preschoolers learn and identify tips for making learning fun. With suggestions for activities that encourage your preschoolers to explore numbers, shapes, colors, and science, this class gives all the information you need to grow and stretch the ability of children to think and understand.
Event Date(s):December 9, 2017
Event Time:09:00 AM - 12:00 PM
801 N Larkin Ave Ste 202
Joliet, Illinois

Event Details

Gateways Content Areas:Human Growth & Development
Curriculum or Program Design
CDA Content Areas:CDA 2: Physical/Intellectual
Registry Verified:No
Registry Approved:Yes
Gateways Credential Approved:ECE Level 1

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Registration Contact:Tamara Notter - (815) 741-1163
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