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Name: ECE Credential Level 1 - Module 9: School-Age Development
Trainers:Stacey Kerwin
Description:Completing the important section on child development, this class looks at school-age children to uncover how their learning and growth differs. With tips on how to better care for school-aged youth, this class also offers you guidance on how to set rules and limits and to get your school-aged kids to appreciate safety and respect.
Event Date(s):December 9, 2017
Event Time:12:30 PM - 03:30 PM
801 N Larkin Ave Ste 202
Joliet, Illinois

Event Details

Gateways Content Areas:Human Growth & Development
Curriculum or Program Design
CDA Content Areas:CDA 2: Physical/Intellectual
CDA 8: Child Development
Registry Verified:No
Registry Approved:Yes
Gateways Credential Approved:ECE Level 1

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Registration Contact:Tamara Notter - (815) 741-1163
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